The Band

 Gina Arinez has been playing and singing for several months now...

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I Wish
  By Gina Arinez

Can't you see, the way that I feel
I, know, that this can't be real
What do I have to do
to convince you

you, mean, so much to me
I, wish, that you would see
Instead I'm drifting
from you I can't believe
what's happenin' tah me

I, wish, that we could be together
I, wish that it would last forever
you're not the one to blame
maybe you were ashamed


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I can't go on...
Something's wrong...
I don't know why I feel this way
some, things I cannot say...
Frustration; Concentration
It doesn't work out for me
Why can't you see?
work is stressful; finishing's restful
It's all so complicated for me
Why can't you see?
There's just so much on my mind
or maybe I'm just blind
feels like I'm wasting my time
it's falling apart for me
Why can't you see?
Someone please send me a sign,
something I can't find.. 'cause...
sometimes, I feel alone... sometimes, I feel unknown
feel like a rolling stone
I can't stop, must go on

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